Menstrual Cycle

Dr. Dummar has been treating me with acupuncture and herbs to help regulate and ease the symptoms of my menstrual cycle. I have had erratic and very painful cycles. By using the “EZ Come EZ Go” herbs and weekly acupuncture, it has completely changed my cycle. I no longer have debilitating, painful cramps and back aches.My cycle is very regular and predictable. I plan on making this a yearly maintenance to make sure it all keeps going smoothly. Thank you!

– Liz. H.

Concussion Treatment

I received a career ending concussion. I went to so many doctors and I wasn’t getting better. My doctor recommended that I go see Dr. Dummar. Dr. Dummar is the only doctor that has gotten my headaches to stop. I have progressed so much in the months that I have been coming here. Dr. Dummar is a great doctor and the staff is wonderful! I am feeling so much better and I know that this pain is going to go away.

– Alexandra S.

Stroke Rehabilitation

I want to thank Dr. Miracle…..I mean Dr. Dummar from Community Health and Wellness in Heber for the extraordinary job he has been doing with Tom in his recovery from the devastated stroke he suffered. Dr. Dummar has been doing miracles with Tom, with all the different treatments he has been giving him and I am conscious he has gone way beyond from what I paid for and that talks about him as a great person and only a great person can be a great doctor. I walked in his officelooking for an acupunture treatment as a way to complement the other therapies that Tom was already getting without knowing about all the other treatments he provides and that have become the base and main part of Tom’s recovery. It has been a motivation to me to see how much Tom has improved since he started getting all those treatments and my gratitude is immense. From the acupuncture and electrical stimulation through the needles or directly on his skin that stimulates his nerves and muscles, and that Chinese rub on his arm and leg that loosen up all his muscles like he would have been doing hours of physical therapy and that removes scar tissues. The shots with nutrition that started him on been able to move his arm from his shoulder down to his hand, preventing them from being stiff and tight, and the cupping that helped him to get a better blood flow besides the chiropractic adjustments, supplements and herbs blends and now helping Tom on retraining his ankle to be able to walk without that painful brace he got at the hospital. In general Tom’s health has healed and even his cognitive has been improving due to all these treatments. Thanks a thousand times Dr. Dummar!

– Diana A.

Pain and Pinched Nerve

I was in a lot of pain. I went to a doctor and got X-rays. I had a pinched nerve but nothing helped. I ended up in the ER two days later. I can not take pain medication, so I was given Mederal. I did not receive any relief. I had 12 days of #10 pain and little sleep. On my first visit, Dr. Dummar worked with me for about a 1/2 an hour. I walked out with a pain level of a #1 and his herbal pain medication to help me sleep. His willingness to help me late on a Friday night saved me many missed hours of work. All I have to say is that he is a miracle worker!

– Christina K.


Dr. Dummar and his staff are wonderful! From the moment you enter their zen environment, and throughout your treatment, you know you are an important patient. Voices are soft and understanding, music is very calming, the heat lamp is better than a blanket, and Dr. Dummar’s treatments: acupuncture, manipulations, and discussions (etc.) are nothing short of amazing. I have suffered with migraines and trips to the E.R. for years and my right eyelid droops when I have a migraine. Doctor Dummar’s dart treatment cured my migraine instantly! I also have had long term back issues and chronic sciatica, and Dr. Dummar performed acupuncture which relieved my symptoms immediately (typically physical therapy would take weeks to do the same). I simply can’t praise this team of professionals enough.

This is the path for me toward good health! THANK YOU to Community Health and Wellness!

– Robin L.

P.S. Try the amazing DoTerra Essential Oils they offer, they are incredible! You need the book also, to make sure you use the oils correctly! I find the mixtures to be healing uplifting, relaxing and the aromas are incredible.

Arm, Hand and Thumb Pain

I love to give recommendations to people about great healthcare practitioners like Dr. Dummar. He was referred to my by a friend. As a massage therapist, I know the importance and the value of a good referral. In gratitude, I hope to give back to Dr. Dummar many new referrals. I am very familiar with chiropractic and acupuncture. In fact, after my fall, which jammed my thumb, carpals and radial bone in my forearm, I immediately went to see a chiropractor. Unfortunately, I was not getting any relief and I was suffering with chronic pain and limited function in my thumb and wrist. When I was told that Dr. Dummar was an acupuncturist as well as a chiropractor, I knew he would be able to help me. I began treatment with Dr. Dummar. It was Dr. Dummar that comprehensively diagnosed my injuries. Even though I was able to massage, my grip and the mobility of my thumb was limited. My treatments included chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and Chinese herbs. With each visit, he would assess the mobility and my pain level and then apply the necessary treatments along with patiently answering all my questions. Today I am pain free and my thumb, wrist and forearm are fully functional. I continue to see him on a “needs basis.” We share the same belief about wellness. I am thankful he was referred to me, now let my testimonial encourage you to see him.

– Terra C.

Treatment Value

I truly doubted the value of Chiropractics — my mistake! After hurting my back and only 1 treatment, I’m a believer! He really helped with my pain and wellness.

– Scot Z.

Car Accident Relief

Dr. Dummar and his staff have been an amazing help to me. I had been in a car accident, and going through some major life challenges. I was a mess in such terrible pain and so much anxiety. On my very first visit Dr. Dummar and staff were so helpful, understanding, and really listened to me about what I was going through. They put together a treatment plan and now I am healing and doing so much better. I feel that Community Health & Wellness has saved my life with all that they have done and are still doing for me.

– Annette S.

Pain Relief

When I came to see Dr. Dummar, I could barely walk due to so much pain. After one session and a massage I was back to enjoying all the activities I love! This would never have happened if I had visited an MD!”

– Ellie G.

Work Injury

Recently I injured my hip and suffered moderate to severe pain. I was recommended to Dr. Dummar for various reasons. One was his expertise in Acupuncture and herbal remedies. I was impressed because he approached my case from several fronts, including Chiropractic, to correct the problem; and Acupuncture and Herbal treatment to assist in healing and for pain reduction. I was particularly apprehensive about the acupunture but it did have a substantial, beneficial affect on my pain. The herbs that he prescribed were not the best tasting but they worked and provided greater relief during my rehabilitation than any of the traditional prescribed medications that I was taking. I highly recommend Dr. Dummar for his knowledge, philosophy of treatment and skill.

– Melvin K.

Pain or Discomfort

My office visit made me feel at home. The staff is very friendly. Dr. Dummar has a firm desire to help his patients feel better and he will use any method of his education and experience to improve the quality of one’s life. Dr. Dummar is one of the best health and wellness professionals in the business. I highly recommend him to anyone feeling pain or discomfort.

– Jim B.

Surgery Candidate (Chronic Pain)

When I first came to Dr. Dummar I thought I would need back surgery. I had previously had knee surgery and still had knee pain. I thought my back would be no different. Within 3 months of bi-weekly treatments I knew I wouldn’t need surgery. I began to feel better and better, and knew I had found another way. Now after 8 months of monthly maintenance visits I am pain free and feeling great! As an added benefit Dr. Dummar has also successfully treated my carpal tunnel syndrome and various other aches and pains that pop up. I had chronic knee pain for years, but no longer. Dr Dummar has increased my range of motion and strength of my knee using non-surgical techniques.

– Robert S.

Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)

“About a month ago, I came to your office experiencing excruciating pain to my left arm and shoulder. I was not able to move my arm at all. I am extremely grateful for the treatments I received as I have seen great progress in the healing of my arm and shoulder. Where I thought it would take months for me to regain strength and range of movement in my arms and shoulder, I have seen progress each time I have come to see you. Within a week of treatment, I was so happy to see how much better my shoulders were feeling! Here it is four weeks later and I have had significant increase of my arm and shoulder movements. The most amazing thing to me was I did not have to miss one day of work. Thank you for having your practice here in Heber! Thank you for doing such great work in helping me to get better!”

– Corrine S.


“My journey with cancer began twelve years ago, and today I walk with gratitude as my cancer is in remission. During my travels with this disease, I made a decision to choice the conventional Western medicine therapy (chemo/steriods) along with the alternative/complementary therapy (acupuncture, adjustments, herbs, etc.) My decision to choice alternative therapy has been very beneficial for my well being. Today, as I travel down my life pathway, I have included the excellent professional care from Dr. Ron T. Dummar and his staff at the Community Health and Wellness facility in Heber City, Utah. This fine doctor and staff provide:

  • A patient-centered treatment facility that is friendly with a relaxed caring environment.
  • Assists me with relieving pain
  • Assists me in building a stronger immune system
  • Dedicated, devoted and compassionate for my healing process
  • Educates and discusses a complete treatment plan for my imbalances
  • Encourages and promotes a more balanced lifestyle to enhance the physical, mental and emotional status of my well being.
  • Makes suggestions to assist in making healthier choices.

Thank you Dr. Ron, for your efforts in assisting in making my journey successful. You’re the best!

– Kathy N.

Knee Problems

“As an active 60 year old, with three years of progressive decline in my knees. I thought I might be permanently impaired! With herbs, acupuncture and adjustments everywhere, orthotics and a lot of moral support, I’m seriously better. It is spring and I’m ready to hike and mountain bike! Bless your Heart!

– Flo M.

Pain in Mid-Back, High Blood Pressure

“Before I met Dr. Dummar, I had been suffering with severe pain from my mid back around into my chest for over a year. It continually got worse to the point that I could not perform my job and my blood pressure was spiking up to the low 200’s due to the pain. I had several tests done with no diagnosis, only to be sent home with pain killers. My next option was a nerve block. On my first visit with Dr. Dummar, he discovered that I had dislplaced ribs in my mid back which were pinching off the nerves going around to my chest. He then put me on a treatment plan consisting of chiropractic, medicinal herbs and acupuncture. The nerve pain is completely gone and I owe it all to Dr. Dummar. He is the most caring, compassionate doctor I have ever had. He truly cares about you and your health!”

– Jennifer K.

Back, Neck and Hip Pain

“I have been having some problems with my mid back since April 2010. I saw another chiropractor in town for three months (3x a week!) who was unable to rid me of my problem. I came to Dr. Dummar for another problem (hip and neck pain) and just happened to mention this other problem in passing. Not only has he significantly reduced my hip and neck pain, but he also resolved this problem I have had for 9 months! I love his approach and always leave his office feeling a lot better than when I came. I am very happy with the results I have seen and I have only been treated three times so far!!! I highly recommend Dr. Dummar to any one!”

– Liz H.


“I have felt great results from Dr. Dummar. What I like best about his practice is that he offers a whole variety of different healing modalities. I really like the ultrasound machine for inflammation.”

– Sally W.


“My ten year old daughter had been experiencing very frequent headaches. Through Dr. Dummar’s treatment, they have become much less frequent. She says, “I’ve been feeling a lot better and he’s really good at fixing my headaches!” Thank You!

– Amber E.


“It has been a true pleasure being a patient of Dr. Dummar. He is so caring and knowledgable. Following Dr. Dummar’s custom homeopathic plan for depression, has put my life in a greater state of balance than I have ever experienced. I am so grateful for Dr. Dummar.”

– Tiffany P.

Traumatic Scoliosis

“Dr. Ron T Dummar is a well qualified and highly exceptional chiropractor. I came to him two days after injuring myself skim boarding in Laguna Beach, CA. My back was so off center that I could hardly walk. From a head on view my body made an “S” shape, it looked as if my chest and abdomen were detached from my lower waist. In just three appointments over a one week period, Ron had my back straightened out and relaxed. He demonstrated mastery in the areas of chiropractics and acupuncture. I felt comfortable and safe throughout my meetings with Dr. Dummar. I am very grateful for his efficiency because only a week after my final visit I was able to load heavy boxes and furniture in order to move my family across the United States.”

– Aaron P.

Back and Neck Pain

“Before I meet Dr. Dummar I was stuck with chronic neck and back ache. Dr. Dummar took a different approach and educated me on the reason I was constantly having my neck & back problems. Dr. Dummar was and is my Chiropractor for life.”

– Jordan C.

Care during Pregnancy

“Dr. Dummar treated me during two of my pregnancies. He showed great compassion for my discomfort. Using acupuncture and chiropractic he helped me feel comfortable throughout and especially in my last months of pregnancy. He also helped a foot injury heal quickly which my general practitioner couldn’t do. Dr. Dummar is the best doctor I have been to and would recommend him to anyone.”

– Brynn S.

Back Pain

“Dr. Dummar helped me walk again. I had a lot of back pain that no one could figure out but he did. With chiropractic, acupuncture and lots of time and compassion he was able to help me get back on my feet and taking care of my two little ones again. I truly miss him out here in California and highly recommend him to everyone. I may even drive out to see him soon. He is truly that good!!”

– Blythe F.

Health and Wellness

“Dr. Ron Dummar provides a compassionate, intelligent choice in alternative care. I found his listening and observation skills to be keen and he was able to refine my health issues into a strategy for effective treatment. Dr. Dummar is a delight to work with and he made me feel as if he was a partner in my well-being. It is rare to find an individual like Dr. Dummar who truly cares for his patients and works with them to improve their quality of life.”

– Cathy K.