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When to Take our Childbirth Education Classes

The earlier in pregnancy you can take our classes, the better.  The reason why is simple!  Giving birth encompasses a great deal of not just physical, but emotional and mental energy as well.  The more time you have to “process and practice”, the better prepared you will be!  But even if you have waited until your last trimester to sign up you will still learn valuable skills and be given priceless tools and techniques to make your birth the best it can be!

Class Descriptions:

Six-Week Childbirth Education Class: This isn’t just any childbirth class!  Likely to be one of the most comprehensive birth classes available today, this class has been developed by our educators after many years of experience; not just in teaching but after several years of practice as birth assistants in various settings.  Our objective educators take current research from ICEA, ASPO Lamaze, ACOG, Gaskin, Simkin, etc. and personal experience from various “methods” (Bradley, Birthing From Within, Lamaze, Hypnobirthing, etc.) and blend them together, giving you many fantastic birth-management options to explore and choose from.  You will discover coping techniques best fit for your own personality and how to use them.  And if you have a companion to take the class with you, he or she will learn to be a highly effective birth coach!  More importantly, you will be provided with the information needed to make informed choices (the foundation of empowerment), which will increase your chances of having the type of birth you desire, creating a positive lasting memory of your special day!  This foundational class was designed for first time moms or for women having their second (or third or more) baby but that are looking for an improved birth experience.  Total class time is approximately 13-15 hours and meets for 2 to 2.5 hours on Saturday mornings.

Some of the things this class will cover:

  • Relaxation & Breathing Techniques
  • Labor & Birthing Positions
  • Communication & The Wish List
  • Birth Art
  • Childbirth Options & Preferences
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Emotions During Pregnancy, Labor and Birth
  • Loads of Comfort Measures & Tricks of the Trade
  • Contraction Simulation Exercises
  • Medical Procedures & Interventions (Induction, Epidural, Cesarean, etc.)
  • Avoiding Medication if desired
  • Informed Consent
  • Birth Videos & Stories
  • Guided Imagery
  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Postpartum Recovery & Blues

… and much more!

Weekend “Boot Camp” Series Options:  Very similar to the Six-Week Class.  However, some topics will be condensed or not included during class time and a little more homework will be given.  Total class time is about 12 hours and takes place on a Friday evening and most of Saturday.  This is a great option especially if you are in your last trimester of pregnancy!

Birth Companion Class: This popular class focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional support role of the birth companion.  Includes an in-depth look at The Three R’s (Relaxation, Rhythm & Rituals), which are paired with practical hands-on techniques.  Exploring the needs of the laboring woman and communication play a big role in this class. If this is your first pregnancy, it is a good idea to take the Six-Week or Boot Camp Class first.

Homebirth Consideration Class: This class is meant to help parents explore the realities of a homebirth and whether or not it is for them.  What is giving birth at home really like?  Is it safe?  What happens if things don’t go as planned?  Includes homebirth videos.

Belly Celebration: You deserve a break!  Enjoy a relaxing evening out with your beautiful baby belly!  Come join the fun with great music, treats, belly painting and picture taking. Oh, and make new friends too!  Bring your birth partner!  Paints and brushes are supplied.

The Breastfeeding Class: Learn the most important things you need to know to help breastfeeding get off to a good start! Learn how to help baby latch properly, correct body positioning, whether or not baby is getting enough milk, eating and sleeping “patterns” of a new baby, signs of hunger, pumping milk, and how to take care of yourself too!  Common breastfeeding problems are addressed along with when to seek the advice of a breastfeeding counselor or lactation specialist.  It’s best to take this class while still pregnant but new parents/babies are welcome as well!

New Parenting Class: We all wish our newborns arrived with an instruction booklet!  Well, this class is just that!  You will learn practical hands-on skills such as diapering, feeding, burping, holding and putting baby to sleep.  In addition, you’ll see how newborns communicate and learn which of your baby’s needs are completely normal.  Some parenting styles are explored and when to call for help will be reviewed as well.  It’s best to take this class while still pregnant but new parents/babies are welcome as well!

Early Pregnancy Class: Early pregnancy is the perfect time to learn about your changing body and what to expect in the months to come.  Some of the topics we’ll cover include: exercise and nutrition, fetal development, pregnancy discomforts and solutions, birth planning options, emotions in pregnancy, communicating with your unborn baby, relaxation exercises, and postpartum support planning.  Start your journey off right!

Private Classes:  Our private classes are a popular option if you don’t have the time to take a series class or prefer the privacy and attention of one-on-one instruction. If you’d like more information about this type of class, download this form or call us.  We’ll put you in touch with one of our educators who, after a short interview, will help you determine the content and length of your personalized classes, which, by the way, can be taken either at CHW or in your own home! (Two-hour minimum)

Private and Personal Birth Planning or Birth Review:  This is a private consultation with Missi, a very experienced childbirth educator and birth assistant who can help facilitate your birth planning or who can help you review and process your birth experience (positive or negative).  Learn practical tips to help minimize your chance of developing postpartum depression and to help aid you in your pregnancy, birthing, and mothering journey.  Bring your spouse or partner, or call 435-657-3696 for more information!


“Missy is very experienced and approachable.  Her honesty and the way she delivers information made it fun and easy to learn. This class really helped the fears we had.” (6 week series)

-K. Jasper

“We loved the class!  We loved it so much, we wish it were longer!  Missy is so much fun and extremely knowledgeable!”